The Passage of Time

Arrecife harbour . Lanzarote

The Telamon Shipwreck

Arrecife Lanzarote

As a beautiful dawn unfolded and sunrise kissed drifting clouds I thought maybe, just maybe I could capture a feeling of tranquillity by using a filter and taking a slightly longer exposure.

After a few experiments with timings, composition set ups and a fair number of clicks this was the end result .

The wreck actually lies in a small bay with industrial fuel storage tanks on one side and rather grotty looking buildings on the other, so much tripod moving and careful stepping over slippery rocks was needed to achieve this angle of shot .

The Telamon shipwreck has quite a storyΒΒ 

Much time has passed since last connecting with the world of WordPress and blogging, and I must admit setting up this new blog has been quite a challenge !

But …

Well, let’s see where I can go to from here !

Looking forward to sharing once again and finding old friends πŸ™‚ it may take awhile to find my way round again .











14 thoughts on “The Passage of Time

  1. So lovely to see you back Poppy. I love this amazing photo you have certainly captured a feeling of serenity plus decaying power. I know what you mean about setting up a new blog, the powers that be seem to have changed all the guide lines, I found it frustrating and complicated when I set up my new blog a while back. But I must admit blogging for me is very intermittent at the moment, gardening and art are taking priority, but I still pop around the reader a couple of times a week visiting favourites. Looking forward to more photos


    1. Hello Pauline thanks so much for visiting and leaving a lovely comment.
      Lol one step forward and 2 back I feel quite dozy minded finding my way round . Hopefully I’ll get there .
      I think you have your priorities right , blogs can wait gardening can’t especially when you have much to plant and re settle in before late Autumn/Winter time . I really don’t want to think about that yet πŸ˜‰ Your Art work is leaping ahead – brilliant you’ve found more time for that too .
      Thanks again Pauline x

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  2. It’s recognisable as one of yours almost instantly, Louise. The translucence of that water… Beautiful! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Now I’m imagining the ugly oil derricks around it. πŸ™‚ Welcome back, darlin!


    1. Ha Jo that’s really nice to hear ! I’m glad I could crop out some ugliness !
      Aw do call me Poppy πŸ˜‰ I decided that it still feels right here as of old . Fancy remembering my name though Lol
      Thank you Jo x


  3. I so agree with Anna’s comment on the beautiful serenity of your image, Poppy. All your efforts were rewarded. So glad you were careful not to slip on those rocks. It’s lovely to see that you’ve managed to set up your blog afresh. Welcome back to one of my favourite bloggers. 😘


    1. It was one of those mornings when it all came together and I had much to be happy about . Luckily no cargo or cruise ships were at sail resulting in ‘ghost’ ships drifting across the horizon πŸ˜‰
      I’ve jumped back into WP waters with much splashing and doggy paddling in circles going on in the background ! Re- starting a blog has felt trickier in more ways than one .
      Thanks so much Sylvia for your warm welcome back x lovely to connect again with old blogfriends and see what I’ve been missing !
      ps Another sunny day in the offing here .. MIL must be crossing off the last few days now to your visit and *another* special birthday Telegram Sylvia . Amazing lady .


  4. This is a lovely photo Poppy, such a sense of serenity, but I think this comes from those wonderful dawn colours and the softness of the sea and sky, contrasting with the heavy industrial rusting hulk. I read the link and particularly liked the bit about how squatters moved into the ship, but soon moved out as it was too uncomfortable! Its great to have you black in the blogosphere again!


    1. Anna a lovely, lovely comment all round thanks so much x
      Happy to hear you caught that feeling I had too . It really was all about that sky … always a case of crossed fingers as one heads out of the door early morning !

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  5. How exciting to hear your voice again – so familiar. I missed you, and I’m thrilled that you’re back. I like your idea of doing a long exposure with this old ship – it worked out very well. The water and sky are so silvery, and the ship is steadfastly grounded. The low angle is wonderful, too. I look forward to seeing more of whatever you do, OK? πŸ˜‰


    1. Ah Lynne , that’s a really wonderful welcome back thanks so much x I’m not quite sure how this blog will evolve but first steps …
      I had an idea of how I’d like to capture this wreck it being such a gift of a subject but it took three different mornings for it to come together . Fortunately that wreck wasn’t going anywhere soon Lol
      I’m really pleased that you liked the end result too .

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      1. Right – you should have no problem working with this subject! And imagine what it could look like in the fog or a storm….but yes, one step at a time. Enjoy.


      2. Wouldn’t that be something … next trip maybe πŸ˜‰
        Currently enjoying some wonderful Spring time weather in lovely Cornwall πŸ™‚
        Thank you Lynne .


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