About Me

Hello 🙂

I guess if you’ve got this far I should write a few words !

A short drive from home and I can be here …


It’s a  favourite view of mine looking towards the Malvern Hills .

I took up photography a few years back late on in my life as a creative venture or adventure perhaps I should say .

Landscape and coastal scenes are a favourite and trying to capture a mood or a feeling is important to me .

It’s an ongoing haphazard journey . Returning home and looking through the results  when even just one image comes right in my eyes from many .. no .. let’s say numerous photos taken at the time, it feels worth that early alarm call , the carrying of a tripod and heavy camera bag and fickleness of the weather .

I have to admit I can be forgetful and dizzy caught up with the excitement of the moment and it’s sometimes hard remembering all the advice, articles and tutorials I’ve watched to pull it all together .

But … I guess the most important thing is … I enjoy it all 🙂

Well , I reckon that’s quite enough about me for now .

Let’s begin this blog journey once again ….