Swoosh …


… into the new decade with a view of Godrevy lighthouse taken a couple of months ago when ChillB and I had a few days down in Cornwall .

Whatever the weather let’s go to Godrevy has become a thing .

No matter how many times we’ve photographed this lighthouse in front of a pink tinged dawn sky or lack of … billowing moody clouds or lack of … a pounding aqua-streaked surf or lack of , it never fails to make an impression .

The ocean really calls and speaks to me in more ways than any other kind of photography . I’m always seeking and hopeful there’ll be a shot that ‘feels’ just right, that it has captured the scene I had in mind, and most importantly it’s come together technically . It still requires quite a mental workout for me 😉 using filters/timings/different lenses to achieve this.

It can be a tall order trying to balance my excitement and enjoyment observing how swiftly light changes, taking note how a rapidly falling tide reveals new elements and then incoming waves of rising tides … oh yes THE WAVES indeed .. plenty of whooo moments as I click the shutter Lol 

Another challenge is it’s been so long since I tackled making something of RAW images , but seeing the tools are right here sitting idle on my desktop there’s no excuse,  I’m ready to spend some time re learning it all .

Much fun had as always on these trips, when the weather didn’t play nicely we clocked up a few miles in what ChillB called *pastygate* ha … I’m sure one of us will tell all another time 😉

Watercolours, sketching and art is happening more frequently round the table @No4. New techniques, materials and colours unfold varying levels of *eeek when making those first swashes across a sheet of blank pristine paper … needless to say results are unpredictable !

Plain ordinary phone snaps add more colour, depth, and definition without any filter jiggery pokery for sure … how to paint more vibrantly amongst other things in actual reality is my goal .

Here then is a phone snap of a few arty experiments from the last year .


I’ve still visions of sitting on the cliff of the Cornish coast capturing that elemental energy of the sea and changing mood of the sky . Maybe 2020 will bring that opportunity 🙂

Meanwhile … to help me forward through my next posts maybe an A-Z medley of images from travels /sketches and such like might be the thing … a literal interpretation, abstract or maybe an emotion . I’ll have to think about it a little … plus whether this particular WP theme is the one for me .

I’ll need to sharpen up, find my voice and typing skills as boy this has taken an age of days to put together …

Happy new year ! … if it’s not too late to send out those wishes xx