Golden Darkness …

FV-Aloe-VCaldera de Gairia

Below the ominous shadow of Caldera de Gairia I watched as these fields of aloe vera took on a subdued glow in the dawn light . The brooding crater silhouette against a rapidly colour changing sky and rows of golden spikes at that time of day I knew would be fleeting, soon the landscape would take on more of the honey-coloured sun baked appearance that many people associate with Fuerteventura . 

Standing at 461m Gairia is one of many volcanic cones to be found on this the oldest of islands in the Canaries . Driving around one becomes familiar with many of them as they stand apart surrounded by lava fields and badlands . 

A few days previously we took a hike around the crater from behind this view, but unfortunately for us the summit was inaccessible at that time. A sign way up along the route informed us access was prohibited due to the protection of nesting birds, I gather though from other reading that August to March it is possible.

Beyond its glorious beaches there are plenty of interesting places to discover and explore here … juggling our interests of photography, walking and geology made for a great trip 🙂 Looking back over photos taken I realise there’s a large collection that really need going through with a view to another post at some point .

A little play with paints again … watercolour jottings in my small sketch book is a great way to experiment without feeling something has to be perfect, and that helps loosen up my brushstrokes and just let things go … ha … much easier said than done !


To finish .. after sipping coffee and making plans for the rest of the day the light was much brighter and a little further along the dusty track look who I found peering over the wall 🙂

I’m really not particularly good with hand held shots but in these conditions with an of ISO 100 and Aperture of F4.5 the shutter speed was 1/500 which certainly helped eliminate my usual shake ‘n blur …


I hope you’re enjoying a mellow kind of week too x