Merry Christmas …

With love …

A wreath I made the other day which brought back some memories of hedgerow gatherings from a visit to Cornwall a week or so ago …

Wishing everyone peace and joy as 2020 nears its close …

A different kind of festive celebration for many …

What else to say …

It’ll be a quiet affair here @No4 …

but with thoughts of better times for everyone come 2021 !


Golden Darkness …

FV-Aloe-VCaldera de Gairia

Below the ominous shadow of Caldera de Gairia I watched as these fields of aloe vera took on a subdued glow in the dawn light . The brooding crater silhouette against a rapidly colour changing sky and rows of golden spikes at that time of day I knew would be fleeting, soon the landscape would take on more of the honey-coloured sun baked appearance that many people associate with Fuerteventura .ย 

Standing at 461m Gairia is one of many volcanic cones to be found on this the oldest of islands in the Canaries . Driving around one becomes familiar with many of them as they stand apart surrounded by lava fields and badlands .ย 

A few days previously we took a hike around the crater from behind this view, but unfortunately for us the summit was inaccessible at that time. A sign way up along the route informed us access was prohibited due to the protection of nesting birds, I gather though from other reading that August to March it is possible.

Beyond its glorious beaches there are plenty of interesting places to discover and explore here … juggling our interests of photography, walking and geology made for a great trip ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking back over photos taken I realise there’s a large collection that really need going through with a view to another post at some point .

A little play with paints again … watercolour jottings in my small sketch book is a great way to experiment without feeling something has to be perfect, and that helps loosen up my brushstrokes and just let things go … ha … much easier said than done !


To finish .. after sipping coffee and making plans for the rest of the day the light was much brighter and a little further along the dusty track look who I found peering over the wall ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m really not particularly good with hand held shots but in these conditions with an of ISO 100 and Aperture of F4.5 the shutter speed was 1/500 which certainly helped eliminate my usual shake ‘n blur …


I hope you’re enjoying a mellow kind of week too x


Swoosh …


… into the new decade with a view of Godrevy lighthouse taken a couple of months ago when ChillB and I had a few days down in Cornwall .

Whatever the weather let’s go to Godrevy has become a thing . No matter how many times we’ve photographed this lighthouse in front of a pink tinged dawn sky or lack of … billowing moody clouds or lack of … a pounding aqua-streaked surf or lack of , it never fails to make an impression .

Others have found inspiration from Virginia Wolf

Much fun had as always and when the weather didn’t play nicely we clocked up a few miles in what ChillB called *pastygate* Lol … I’m sure one of us will tell all another time ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have to say the ocean calls and speaks to me in more ways than any other kind of photography … so thought that a photo of this early morning outing would be the best way to make new beginnings restarting my blog .

Life has changed a little since I left WP and somehow blogging slid away with much to with having a bit -no let’s be honest- a big block about joining in once more . But hey .. nothing ventured nothing gained .

We’ve visited a few different places and rediscovered old favourites so I’ve a mass of images sitting on hard disks to share . I guess I’ve made progress with my photography from the early days but have found it harder to make that extra effort in making it out for dawn shoots that for the most part yield the pictures I really want . In some ways of course it’s the photographers lot to put on an early alarm .. drive somewhere and find disappointingly the sky that may have been promising has fizzled out . Grrr ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s been so long since I tackled making something of RAW images so again that is a bit of a mountain to climb .. but seeing the tools are right here sitting idle on my desktop I’m ready to spend some time re learning it all .

Watercolour sketching and art is happening more frequently round the table @No4. New techniques materials and colours unfold varying levels of excitement – hmm more an Eeek moment I would say – when making those first swashes across a sheet of blank pristine paper …

I’ve still visions of sitting on the cliff of the Cornish coast capturing that elemental energy of the sea and changing mood of the sky . Maybe 2020 will bring that opportunity .

Meanwhile … posts in the immediate future I thought to get me moving forward I’d work through an A-Z medley of images sketches and such like .. it might be literal or an abstract or an emotion each time . I’ll have to think about it a little … plus whether this particular theme is the one for me .

And on that note …

Happy new year if it’s not too late to send out those wishes x


The Passage of Time

Arrecife harbour . Lanzarote

The Telamon Shipwreck

Arrecife Lanzarote

As a beautiful dawn unfolded and sunrise kissed drifting clouds I thought maybe, just maybe I could capture a feeling of tranquillity by using a filter and taking a slightly longer exposure.

After a few experiments with timings, composition set ups and a fair number of clicks this was the end result .

The wreck actually lies in a small bay with industrial fuel storage tanks on one side and rather grotty looking buildings on the other, so much tripod moving and careful stepping over slippery rocks was needed to achieve this angle of shot .

The Telamon shipwreck has quite a storyยย 

Much time has passed since last connecting with the world of WordPress and blogging, and I must admit setting up this new blog has been quite a challenge !

But …

Well, let’s see where I can go to from here !

Looking forward to sharing once again and finding old friends ๐Ÿ™‚ it may take awhile to find my way round again .